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It seems like just yesterday (2004) that we introduced our first series of Self-Study books to help students prepare for the CAPT Exams-the Connecticut high school proficiency exams (Get Smart Books®). These popular books are now being used throughout the state, in most of the high school test preparation programs.

After beginning this ambitious publishing program (a “happy hour” gone bad), we began to add other titles, especially for the “No Child Left Behind” law.  The PSSA (Pennsylvania) Mathematics test book was next, and then, through our sister (brother?) company, we produced AIMS High School Mathematics: Simplified for Arizona.

Slowly but surely we continue to add to our list, both test preparation titles as well as General Book Titles to help everyone enhance basic skills in subjects such as Vocabulary and Writing. The Writing Skills book is especially valuable for students today, in light of the new, revised SAT requirements.

To help students (and teachers) prepare for these tests, we also provide Free self-testing and scoring exams to accompany many of our books. These can be downloaded from our site.

The books are available for sale in your local bookstore (if not, beg them to order from us) or you can order directly on-line using your credit card. If you’re a school teacher, you can order from us using your school’s purchase order.

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